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Peter  Schmalenbach


Born   1958   in   Duisburg   /   Germany

-  in  the  interesting  intersection  area  of  the  Lower  Rhine  and  the  regions  of  the  Ruhr  -

Grown   up   in   Ratingen   near   to   Düsseldorf


Married   with   my   wife   Karin

We   are   very   proud   of   our   three   adult   daughters   Julia ,   Lisa   and   Sarah

-  Life  goes  on  with  their  own  ideas  and  the  family  is  growing  -


Special   training   for   the   profession   of   a   physiotherapist    |    Physiotherapeutical   activities   in   various   clinics   and   practices

Since  1987  freelanced  in  my  own  Practice  for  Physiotherapy  &  Coaching  with  extensive  lecture - ,  course -  and  seminar - activities

I  am  a  member  of  the  Association  Médicale  Internationale  de  Lourdes   (  A.M.I.L.  )

For  current  practice  informations  please  follow  my  link  :

>     PS-Praxis     <

-  a  german  version  -



Looking  for  new  and  creative  ways  to  implement   |   Freely  Researching   |   collecting  and  reading  books

writing  my  own  texts ,  poems  and  songs | playing  guitar and banjo | singing | making music | the Expressing

and  Sharing  in  a  musical  way ,  had  me  conducted  to  regular   Readings  &  Musical  Lectures   on  selected

topics  from   the   life ,   which  I   create   under   the   title   " S t i l l e M o m e n t e "   for   several   years

=>  PS-StilleMomente   <=

-  a  german  version  -



As   a   pilgrims -   and   meditationleader ,   I   also   like   to  offer   special ,   non -

commercial  excursions  in  our  immediate  vicinity .   If  you  cherisch  the  desire ,

to  look   for  some  other   different   spiritual   paths ,   follow   the  inspirations   on

=>  PS-Pilgerfahrten  <=

-  a  german  version  -


I  am  lucky ,   to  be  able  to  connect

personal   and   professional   interests


For  contacting  me

you  can  use


or  the  E-Mail-Adress  of  my  practice - homepage

-  PS-Praxis  -


Kind  regards

Peter  Schmalenbach


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